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The Christian Education Ministries will work together to ensure that individual ministries are using every avenue available to educate, train and teach the Doctrines of Christ and the Doctrines of the Zion Baptist Church. Will meet on a regularly basis to bring to the table recommendations and suggestions on how to enhance the educational needs of the church.

Children’s Church (ages 5 – 10) – Children’s Church is to teach, motivate, inspire and inform children about God, Church, biblical doctrine, prayer and the ministry of Jesus the Christ. Children’s Church will lay the Spiritual foundation that will help children understand the purpose and reason for worship and to know Jesus as Savior and Lord.

CHRISTIAN EDUCATION – The Department of Christian education will promote Spiritual Growth and Development in the Body of Christ through Christian Education according to the needs of Zion Baptist Church.

CHURCH/COMMUNITY OUTREACH – To bring church and community together in a unified fellowship. To support our church mission to go out into all the world teaching and preaching about the love of Jesus.

CHURCH SUNDAY SCHOOL – To provide Bible study opportunities for church members, their families, and the surrounding community; and provide the plan of salvation to lead them to accept Christ as Lord and Savior.

DAYTIME BIBLE STUDY (Wednesday) – The purpose of this ministry is to provide doctrine teaching for the Baptist believer and to promote home Bible study.

EARLY CHILDHOOD LEARNING (ages 2-4) -The Early Childhood Learning Ministry is designed to provide a warm, happy and Christian atmosphere for young children 2 to 4 ½ years old whereby the child can be introduced to Christian principles on their level

MEN OF UNITY/LAYMEN’S -The Men of Unity Ministry seeks to mold men and allow them to develop to be men of Christ.

NEW DISCIPLES – The New Disciples Ministry is to provide basic Christian instruction in discipleship and to facilitate the new disciples’ transition into this local church family. With prayer and sincere humility, we seek to accomplish this mission.

NEWSLETTER -The Newsletter is to inform, edify and enlighten the disciples of Zion on the life and the activities of the Church and community.

THURSDAY NIGHT FAMILY BIBLE STUDY -The purpose of this ministry is to provide Bible and doctrine teaching for the Baptist believer, and to promote home and family Bible study.

VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL – The mission is to minister to the spiritual needs of the church family and members of the community through sharing God’s Word in an effort to advance the level of commitment and knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

WALTER BARHAM JR. DEAF MINISTRY – Spread the gospel to the deaf/hardofhearing sisters/brothers in Christ through the art of signing and interpreting. This ministry will teach the hearing the importance of learning to sign so that they can communicate to the deaf/hardof hearing.

WOMEN OF FAITH FELLOWSHIP – The Women’s Ministry is to provide every woman the opportunity to have a more in depth relationship with God and a better understanding with other women. This ministry will educate and demonstrate the importance of a right relationship with God and the need for women to bond together as sisters in Christ.

YOUNG ADULT MINISTRY – This Ministry aims to help disciples by ministering to the needs of the Young Adult congregation from the ages of 18 – 35.

YOUTH ADVISORY COUNCIL – To help the youth learn to love themselves and others and to pray for one another. To help youth understand the word of God and they will spread the word to others.